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Dec. 31st, 2035

Jensen | boots 1

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Audiobook Recs on Delicious

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[My Attempt at Writing]
Denial Is The Most Predictable Of All Human Responses
Summary: Tonight his little brother was going to have to man up and take it. Too bad his little brother has other plans.
Sam/Dean, NC-17

Humble Deprivation
Summary: Jensen needed something. Jared helped him with it.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, bdsm

I Ain't No Babysitter
Summary:Jared seduces his babysitter.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, underage

Palupalu Ule
Summary: Jared wants to have sex, Jensen's cock doesn't get the memo.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17

Slice Of Love
Summary: Jensen loves pizza. Jared brings the pizza. They fuck.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17

We Will Meet Again After Bible Camp
Summary: Spending his summer at the Timber Lake Bible Camp hadn't sounded like a lot of fun.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17

How Dinosaurs Brought Them Orgasms written with ashtraythief
Summary: Jensen is a total nerd, wearing dino underwear. Jared really likes it.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, Crack

The Burning!Verse
Burn Up And Blow Away
Summary: Jensen thought he could handle anything until he nearly couldn't.
Dancing In A Burning Room
Summary: The first time Jeff wasn't allowed to touch, this time everything was different.

Jared/Jensen/Jeff, NC-17, threesome

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[A Story Told Through Pictures]Blood, Sex and Violence serial-killer!Jared/Jensen (NSFW)

Prostitution, Dark Alleys and Bruises OMCs/Dean, Sam/Dean (NSFW)

Life is Like a Camera Jeff/Jensen (NSFW)

You Are The Mince To My Tatties Jared/Jensen (NSFW)

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PDFs of jjia912's Stories
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Asylum 16, Birmingham 2016 - My Photos


Mar. 11th, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

Somer's Recs

There are some fics I enjoyed immensely over the last weeks. A deanwbigbang, some spn_reversebangs and an old x-mas exchange fic.

Title: Follow The Jackalope
Author: whiskygalore
Artist: milly_gal (Art Masterpost)
Summary: It was just a regular black dog hunt, or so Sam and Dean thought, yet somehow they ended up tracking a unicorn through the woods, and then Dean may or may not have spotted a jackalope. After that things really took a turn for the weird!

[more under here...]Title: Luna Maleficarum
Artist: cassiopeia7 (Art Masterpost)
Author: tifaching
Summary: A moonlit encounter from the past comes back to haunt Dean.

Title: Butterflies and Hurricanes
Artist: sillie82 (Art Masterpost)
Author: morganaDW
Summary: Loss is never easy so when a grief-stricken Jensen Ackles believes he’s alone after facing the greatest and hardest loss yet in his already difficult life, he chooses to return to the spot where he found happiness to make the ultimate final choice. There he’s reminded that he’s not as alone or as at fault as he’s believed and slowly comes to face there is still a future if only he can let go of his pain and guilt.
Jared Padalecki has loved his best friend since the day they met in a field of flowers and butterflies. When they face a huge loss, he also worries about losing Jensen as well if he can’t break thru the wall of grief that has taken so much of the man he knew.
It will take their love for each other as well as something perhaps as simple as a butterfly’s touch to help both men face the act of hate that changed their lives and also give them a future.

Title: Full Leather Jacket
Artist: dreammaiden (Art Masterpost)
Author: zara_zee
Summary: When notorious crime boss John Winchester throws himself in front of a bullet meant for his son, Dean not only has to step up and take charge of the Family Business, he also has to deal with his own feelings of grief and guilt; feelings that are made even worse by the horrific secret John divulged to Dean with his dying breath.
Getting somewhat shit-faced and fucking a dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger is almost certainly the worst way possible for Dean to not-deal with the situation. Especially when it seems the stranger may have dangerous secrets of his own.

Title: Shut Out The Light And Lead Me Somewhere
Artist: dephigravity (Art Masterpost)
Author: akintay
Summary: Jensen needs money and he needs it quickly. He never thought he'd be desperate enough to turn to prostitution, but it fixes things – until it doesn't.

Title: The Castaways
Author: cherie_morte
Summary: Jared is a passenger on a ship to America when a storm forces them to take refuge on the first spit of dry land they find. There, Jared finds Jensen, a man who has been stranded alone on the island for years.

Always leave some ♥

Mar. 9th, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

Caption That

Speaking of captions.

Well, a bet's a bet, and Jensen has to admit he kind of likes the feel of the silk against his cock. And the smoothness of his shaved legs.
It's not like anyone but Danneel's gonna see him. What he doesn't know is, Danneel has called Jared and told him to come home.
Because she's fed up of them dancing around each other, and she knows Jared has a thing for his boyfriends dressing up.

[nsfw (crossdressing)]
Jensen | boots 1

The Naked Cowboy Butt

You remember the caption I posted 2 days ago? Stressed hobby photographer Jared, naked butt Jensen?
walking_tornado might have started a fic in the comment section (three four parts so far). And I really, really think we should all motivate her to keep going.

Please follow the captioned butt...

Mar. 7th, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

Caption That

Stressed, Jared takes a vacation in the country. While scouting out the area, he wasn't expecting to stumble across a naked cowboy. #J2



Mar. 6th, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

Caption That


Dean: Sammy's come tastes kind of funny today...


Mar. 1st, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

Peach Post

Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles. Thank you for being you and thank you for breathing life into my favorite character Dean Winchester! ♥



Feb. 26th, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

Peach Post

alskjfshgalksjghalkdsjg WHY?? NO WORDS!

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Jensen | boots 1

Age of Pandora



Age of Pandora is still going strong. And this is the most fun setting for an exercise challenge we ever did so far. The apocalyptic world we're making our way through is well thought out. When we all started this, we woke up with amnesia and now we're slowly trying to figure out what happened to this world. We run, we fight, we kill.

I hope everyone is doing fine. beelikej, sinfulslasher, whiskygalore, sleepypercy, lotrspnfangirl, tabaqui, shouwa. I did chapter 25 today.

I'm also on diet since November and I'm 9 kilos down. 10 is my overall goal. This last kilo is kicking my butt though lol


Feb. 12th, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

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