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Dec. 31st, 2035

Jensen | boots 1

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Audiobook Recs on Delicious

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[My Attempt at Writing]
Denial Is The Most Predictable Of All Human Responses
Summary: Tonight his little brother was going to have to man up and take it. Too bad his little brother has other plans.
Sam/Dean, NC-17

Humble Deprivation
Summary: Jensen needed something. Jared helped him with it.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, bdsm

I Ain't No Babysitter
Summary:Jared seduces his babysitter.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, underage

Palupalu Ule
Summary: Jared wants to have sex, Jensen's cock doesn't get the memo.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17

Slice Of Love
Summary: Jensen loves pizza. Jared brings the pizza. They fuck.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17

We Will Meet Again After Bible Camp
Summary: Spending his summer at the Timber Lake Bible Camp hadn't sounded like a lot of fun.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17

How Dinosaurs Brought Them Orgasms written with ashtraythief
Summary: Jensen is a total nerd, wearing dino underwear. Jared really likes it.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, Crack

The Burning!Verse
Burn Up And Blow Away
Summary: Jensen thought he could handle anything until he nearly couldn't.
Dancing In A Burning Room
Summary: The first time Jeff wasn't allowed to touch, this time everything was different.

Jared/Jensen/Jeff, NC-17, threesome

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[A Story Told Through Pictures]Blood, Sex and Violence serial-killer!Jared/Jensen (NSFW)

Prostitution, Dark Alleys and Bruises OMCs/Dean, Sam/Dean (NSFW)

Life is Like a Camera Jeff/Jensen (NSFW)

You Are The Mince To My Tatties Jared/Jensen (NSFW)

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PDFs of jjia912's Stories
PDFs of titheniel and splashpink's Stories
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Aug. 23rd, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Somer's Recs

JENSEN IN A KIMONO! I kinda, maybe asked Stir to write me Jensen in a kimono dancing for Jared (I might have used the SomerEyes™). AND SHE DID IT! ♥

Title: You Win Some You Lose Some (AO3)
Author: stir_of_echoes
Wordcount: 4.350 words
Summary: Jensen didn’t know which was worse, losing the bet and having to re-enact dancing in the kimono, or admitting that he had it, had kept it all these years. It was a stupid bet. But even more foolish was telling Jared that he still had it. It wasn’t unheard of for actors to take something from the set of a movie once filming was done, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember why he’d taken the kimono.

Preview: “Oh God!” Jared whispered, as Jensen twirled again, ever closer, the kimono opening almost to the waist, sliding off one shoulder.

Aug. 20th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Somer's Recs

For alycat who requested pregnant!Jensen.

Title: Let It Snow
Author: comet91
Wordcount: 2.400 words
additional warnings: abo, knotting, fluff
Summary It's snowing and Jensen wants to have some fun.

baby bump...Collapse )

Aug. 19th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Sam 'n Dean

Thank you saltandburnboys for linking me.

weechesterCollapse )

Aug. 15th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Somer's Recs

MASQUERADE ROUND 4 back in March!

I can't remember anymore if I already recced them. But another of my fills got claimed today, so I thought I throw them out here so you all can read them (again). XD

Lets start with the muffins.

Title: Best Of The Batch
Author: morrezela
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Summary: Jensen is a muffin who falls in baked goods love with a slightly younger muffin. (original fill)

4 more under here...Collapse )

Aug. 14th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Butts and Fuchs

It was brought to my attention by alycat and sleepypercy that the German players of the Olympic Hockey team have reeeeaaally interesting names.


So I did this...

shenanigans under the cutCollapse )

Aug. 10th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Jensen Ackles - Simple Man

And since Danneel and Jensen having twins isn't enough, Jason shares previews of the songs from his new album on iTunes, INCLUDING 90 SECONDS OF JENSEN SINGING SIMPLE MAN!

Jensen | boots 1


GUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!!!! aldsfkhgdlaksfjdhglaksjfdhg ♥

Jensen | boots 1

Hero's Journey - Day 6

Even though our little group is checking up on each other on twitter, I wanna keep our journey updated here too.


On Day 3 we were allowed to pick our weapon!

beelikej chose the Hammer
whiskygalore chose the Magic Ring
enablelove chose the Ribbon
sinfulslasher chose the Bow and Arrow
sleepypercy chose the Bow and Arrow
amypond45 chose the Sword
somersault_j chose the Magic Ring

We will have weapons' practive through out our journey! (And no matter what everyone says, whiskygalore and I are NOT practicing with Magic Cock Rings!)

AND TODAY, ON DAY 5, WE FOUND A DRAGON EGG AND WE'RE ALLOWED TO KEEP IT AND HATCH IT AND IT'S GONNA BE OUR SIDE KICK and I'm gonna call my dragon BALLsy! I think sleepypercy will call her dragon Kitten. And sinfulslasher, we have to reevaluate our 'slay the dragon' theory. WE CAN'T SLAY OUR BABY DRAGON'S MOMMY! lololol

This seems pretty much appropriate.


Aug. 6th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Mr. Winchester

Welcome to Twitter, Jeffrey Dean Morgan!



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